Art Fair Zagreb 2024

ZAGREB,  2024

Art Fair Zagreb is an annual international contemporary art fair.

A great meeting place for artists, collectors, gallerists, curators and art lovers in general. One of leading art fair in Croatia since the first edition and the one–stop–shop for Croatian contemporary art.

The artistic director of the fair is Ante Potočnjak, painter and designer. He is a long-time member of the Croatian Designers Association, Likum, the “Colors of Fortune” cooperative and numerous other official associations. Potočnjak is the founder and supporter of numerous artistic events and exhibitions. Among other things, he started the first artistic seminar in the city of Kastav and the summer seminar on the island of Krapanj.

The fair will have the participation and promotion of both first-person authors and international collective realities. Works of all kinds are planned (performances, photos, sculptures, paintings), but it also hosts some sections of a very traditional and academic setting. The fair is spread over 4 thousand square meters, 40 thousand visitors are expected and hosts 275 stands.