Daniella Bronzi

Daniella Bronzi. 1968.

Graduated at the academy of dance in 1992. Always been interested in many artforms .

Been dancing and teaching for a few years when younger and working with children. Also travelled lots in my younger years as a dancer.

After finding a nice home in the south of Holland, Den-Bosch/ Nieuwkuijk. Started at the art academy six years ago and taking painting and drawing lessons in Belgium.

Since 2015 working in my studio in Nieuwkuijk .

Always inspired by people, nature animals, and at the moment also working with primitive art objects and cultures of the past and their artforms, giving lots of joy for me.

Creating joyful ,freestyle and experimental works. Also using parts of my own life experiences in my works as for myself it is part of healing and cleaning my soul at the moment of creating. In mind Always thoughts of what is happining with humankind and nature of this world and planet. Trying to let it work in a joyfull way in my paintings.

Working with oilpaint and at times acrylics.

Hope you enjoy.