Ellen Loke

While taking photos I become aware of the world and at the same time I´m enabled to express how I feel that special moment. Something wonderful happens. I enter into another world and become part of everything. I am concentrated and absorbed at the same time. I start forgetting like a child in the intermediate space. My pictures are part of myself. They are reflecting my feelings. Even though I love taking photos of landscapes and people in colour, I am fascinated by the powerful expression of black-and-white photography.

The monochrome sight allows me to concentrate on the beauty of shape and form and on the dynamic of life.

Why do I photograph the female nude as a woman?
It is the view of the female beauty and the visualization of the soul. I am concerned less about eroticism, but rather about the inner beauty, which flows outwards. The women are naked but do not show their intimacy, despite they open their innermost. Feelings are transported, such as longing, love, vulnerability, also self-awareness and tenderness. I am very cautious and respectful towards the women.

I want the spectator to be touched by my pictures.