Jessie Nemzoff

An avid photographer from a young age, Jessie Nemzoff has always enjoyed capturing the spectacular moments in life on camera. As a professional rider, she traveled the world scouting for top level competition horses. Nemzoff also did a considerable amount of traveling while in England at the University of Oxford obtaining her Master of Business Administration.

These travels provided Nemzoff with an abundance of opportunities to capture a vast array of cultures, places, people and animals. It was through these opportunities that she discovered her interest for transforming the timeless moments life has to offer into more elaborate and unique works of fine art. The type that transforms reality to surreality and makes us stop and ponder the deeper wonder and beauty in life.

Intrigued by the many ways she could change the variables that contributed to the composition and lighting of her photographs, Nemzoff continued to experiment until she discovered techniques to capture photographs that appeared more as paintings, than as photographs. Each collection has its own meaning and technique, yet all were created with the intent of provoking subconscious thought. 

Focused on transforming reality to surreality, Nemzoff finds the greatest value in art to be its invitation to get lost in wonderment, and as such be momentarily freed from reality.