Noushin Delfani

My name is Noushin Delfani. I was born in Iran and attended Art University, received a in graphic  design in 2007 and a M.F.A in 2016. My body of work ranges from painting, graphic textile design to sculpture.

Since 2010 I have focused on painting and it became a part of my everyday life.  My work for the past 15 years has used different aspects of my life experience as a female middle Eastern artist. Tough these experiences range widely,from involving the art society and ist complexity, to life stages of a normal woman, to simply the lived and unlived life of a person in her thirties, they all have been filtered by the sight of a committed to the art female, who has a critical view of social and cultural issues around her.

Painting is a part of my everyday life and a tool to understand my life path better. In tough times I use to begin a new self portrait and they help me understand what I experience. Sometimes I finish them and sometimes I just leave them, anyway they do their job.