Riccardo Munari

Riccardo Munari is a young upcoming artist from Milan, Italy. 

Riccardo has been producing art for the last four years, both scholastically and for personal interest. He focuses on art with organic components and curvaceous elements, aiming to depict the fluidity of life through a combination of intense contrasting colours and immense detail, as well as a strong use of symbolism throughout his artwork. Riccardo Munari has studied art during his International Baccalaureate course. However, he is to a great extent a self-taught artist, specialising in the mediums of acrylic painting, still-life drawing and sculpting.


The artist draws inspiration from his life experiences and challenges, such as being a teenager in a modernised society, facing major surgery at a young age, and the Covid-19 pandemic impact. These themes are noticeable as subtle undertones throughout his artwork.

The artist’s multicultural background has helped him appreciate and replicate different art forms from various places globally; this influence can be seen in many of his pieces.